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Problems uninstalling Filemaker Server 9

Question asked by KENNYMAC1933 on Jan 17, 2010
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Problems uninstalling Filemaker Server 9

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I have tried to install Filemaker Server 10 on my imac that I bought last year that has Snow Leopard installed but without success it claims I have Filemaker Server 9 on my computer and it must be removed first before Server 10 can be installed. I have done various searches but can't find any files other than a Filemaker Server Folder on Hard Disk in Library which I have now removed, but needless to say I am no expert something must be hidden from eyes.

I did install Filemaker Server 10 on an old G4 laptop and admin console which worked fine but Instant Web Publishing is not working in my database that I want to publish on the web (Probably to do with system software just being Leopard). Anyway I would prefer to just have Filemaker Server working on my main computer but I must have files concerning Filmaker Server 9 floating about the computer and I can't get rid of them or don't know where to look to find them. How can I uninstall Filemaker Server 9.0 if I don't have a disk.

What is annoying about this is Instant Web Publishing works on my imac but not on the powerbook and Admin Console works on the powerbook but not the imac this is driving me crazy. Please help.