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Problems with IWP/PHP/XML/XLST

Question asked by marcholt on Dec 23, 2008
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Problems with IWP/PHP/XML/XLST

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Hi There, For a number of years we have been successfully publishing several FP7 databases using xml and php.  This was in a 2 server deployment (server1:FM db server, server2: Web Publishing Engine/Web Server).


We recently acquired a new server (MS Server 2003R2 SP2) with the intentions of using it as a combined FM db server and web server.  After overcoming a few teething problems with the admin consol failing to load (though it still throws errors and closes occasionally) everything has been migrated successfully.


All databases can be accessed using the FMP9 client and so far, no errors.


Problem:  The web publishing side cannot access any of the hosted databases.  Using the none of the Web Publishing tests are successful.


We run several websites hosted on our own IIS server and all work fine, apart from those using Web Publishing code linked to FileMaker.


After a few hours of changing settings I decided to get the old deployment back online (internally) and upon running the same databases (exact copies) and opening and performing the Web Publishing tests – they all pass.


So the situation I have is, old setup (2 server deployment) works fine, new setup (1 server deployment) doesn’t work.




Thanks, Marc.