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Problems with ODBC and character sets

Question asked by knutin on Nov 12, 2008
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Problems with ODBC and character sets

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Hello all,


We have started a large project based on an existing FileMaker-solution. One of the keys to this projects success is the connection for reading, writing, updating and deleting data in the FileMaker database using ODBC.


The ODBC connection works as documented and expected, for the most part. The real problem appears when dealing with special non-ASCII characters, like æ, ø and å, which are extremely important in the northern part of Europe.


We use Python, mxODBC(have also tried pyodbc, same problems) and the bundled ODBC driver. This setup runs on Mac OS X 10.5.5. 


If we insert UTF-8 encoded data into the database, we get only question marks when viewing the data in FileMaker. If we try to retrieve the data using the ODBC connection, we get only garbled data that we are not enable to decode/encode into be it utf-8 or latin-1 or whatnot. 


We have installed the same software on Windows Server 2008 and there we are actually able to read and write utf-8 encoded unicode data. 


Any tips, suggestions or technical knowledge would be greatly appreciated.


Kind regards,

Knut Nesheim