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Procedure or requirments to remote/external backup's

Question asked by DefenistrateIt on Dec 15, 2008
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Procedure or requirments to remote/external backup's

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What is the standard/Expected way of producing a remote backup of databases? I.e.. I want to have a backup of my databases on A separate/external server for the purpose of producing an off-site backup along with all my other data i want a remote backup of...


Do I have to open up more ports to my server so that I may write scheduled scripts on a remote computer to download FileMaker server local backup's, or load other applications on to my FileMaker server so that they can be scheduled for uploading some where else (or heaven forbid i have to do it manually every evening). Either way why can't i have FileMaker server upload them onto an external drive/serve?


If i have to use third party software, what do you recommend?


P.s. I'm using Mac OS X 10.5 with FileMaker Server Advanced 9.0.3 & please don't tell me i should be using A SAN device or iSCSI... I don't have much more hair i can pull out :smileymad: