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    Processing Data From Multiple Tables



      Processing Data From Multiple Tables

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      I now this is not difficult, but I can't wrap my head around it this afternoon...


      Windows XP

      Filemaker Pro 10 Advanced


      I've got a fundraising solution that shows a window at the startup which has various reminders that are 1 week out from the current date(contacts that are due, upcoming birthdays, etc.).


      For this particular problem I have 2 tables:


      (1) INDIVIDUALS (individual donors) and



      Each table has a birthdate field.  I would like to be able put the birthdays and names that are 1 week away into one layout without using a portal or a script that puts this into a hopper table.


      I know this is a "well your light won't turn on because you didn't plug it in" solution.


      Thanks in advance.

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             How can a "family of individuals" have a birthdate?
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            Apologies for the lack of clarity.


            I meant "Family MEMBER."  It is a related table to the indivudal that allows for family members with minimal biographical information, birthdate being one, to be stored.


            Let us say that...

            John Smith 10/20/62

            From INDIVIDUAL Table


            and his daughter

            Jane Smith 10/26/99

            From FAMILY Table


            If today's date is 10/19/2009, I want both Jane Smith and John Smith to pop up in a SINGLE layout reminder me that their birthdays are coming up.


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              I'd restructure your tables. Put everyone's data, including birthdates in the individual table. I'd only put fields in the family member field that document the relationship between the two individuals.


              Individual Table:

              ID (serial number)



              //any other fields specific to the individual


              Family Member





              You'd have two relationships:

              Individual::ID = FamilyMember::ID

              Individual 2::ID = FamilyMember::RelatedToID


              This makes Family Member a "join" table linking Individual to itself.


              Now, all your birthdate fields are in one table instead of two.