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Processing Data From Multiple Tables

Question asked by lloyddd on Oct 19, 2009
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Processing Data From Multiple Tables

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I now this is not difficult, but I can't wrap my head around it this afternoon...


Windows XP

Filemaker Pro 10 Advanced


I've got a fundraising solution that shows a window at the startup which has various reminders that are 1 week out from the current date(contacts that are due, upcoming birthdays, etc.).


For this particular problem I have 2 tables:


(1) INDIVIDUALS (individual donors) and



Each table has a birthdate field.  I would like to be able put the birthdays and names that are 1 week away into one layout without using a portal or a script that puts this into a hopper table.


I know this is a "well your light won't turn on because you didn't plug it in" solution.


Thanks in advance.