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PSOS and globals

Question asked by greaterthandata on Apr 30, 2015
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PSOS and globals

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I am wondering how globals are treated when running a Perform Script On Server.  I know the user that 'starts' the script is the logged in user / account when running the script, so the security permissions are used but are globals independent for each PSOS 'session' or do they carry forward for multiple PSOS scripts?

An example might be better to illustrate my questions ...

1) a user runs a script that runs on server 'PSOS' that is set to NOT wait for completion, and in that script some globals are set, then various functions are run

2) the same user immediately runs a different script PSOS that is again not set to wait for completion and this script works with the same global fields.


When the second script is run, will the global fields still have the values from the first script OR will the second PSOS start with a blank slate where the globals need to be set fresh?