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Publish Directory Server Settings - Error 42

Question asked by ericwlacroix_1 on Aug 23, 2010


Publish Directory Server Settings - Error 42

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I just installed FileMaker Server Advanced v11 on a Windows 2008 server named "filemaker." This replaces the FileMaker Server Advanced v10 server, which was previously installed on a different Windows 2008 server named "filemaker."

I shut down the FileMaker services on the v10 server, changed the machine's name and IP, and rebooted the server.

Then I installed FMSA 11 on the new Windows 2008 server, after I named it "filemaker."

Now when I try to finish the Publish Directory Server Settings tab to Publish FileMaker Server and Publish administrator contact information, I get this error emailed to me by the server:

Error 42, Registration with directory service failed; host name already registered by another copy of FileMaker Server.

When I go into Active Directory itself, I do not know what records to look for / eliminate so the registration of the new server will work properly.

I realize the difference between Publishing the server in AD versus configuring external authentication. All my external auth stuff works just fine. It just bugs me that this one last setting isn't right. We don't currently even use the "Hosts listed in LDAP" feature in the FileMaker clients but I'd like to know I COULD if I wanted to and right now I definitely can't. On the client side when I configure a client with my AD server settings, no hosts are listed.

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