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publish layouts as is

Question asked by m10muhammad on Aug 24, 2010
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publish layouts as is

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i am new to filemaker server so please forgive my ignorance on this topic. i have a database which i want to host on a website. specifically, i want 4 layouts to be hosted. i also need the layouts to look exactly as they do online and work the same (script performance, subsummary report sorting, relational value lists which relate to fields from a different table, etc.)

in case this is not enough detail for a solution to be suggested, below i have outlined the specific layouts that i need to host:

1) SearchForm - a form of global fields that is used to search for items in my inventory (the fields are from a different table). it also has a portal from which selects a random machine from my inventory and displays some details about it 

2) ResultForm - a form view of the items in my inventory 

3) ResultList - a list view of the items in my inventory, with two sub-summaries 

4) ResultListPrint (based on TableB) - same as ResultList except formatted to fit one page (a printer-friendly version)

i tried using PHP Site Assistant but I came across a few problems:

1) The "Random Machine" portal that is on my SearchForm layout does not display a random record, rather, it becomes an input form (i.e. instead of displaying a random Make and Model, it makes me select a Make and Model from a value list)

2) Relational Value Lists do not work - I have a value list of machine categories, and with each category I have linked certain manufacturers, and with each manufacturer certain models. hence, the value list for Manufacturer will depend on the category selected, and the value list for Model will depend on the Manufacturer. These values are hosted in different tables (Category table, Manufacturer 1 Table, Manufacturer 2 Table, and Model Table). The SearchForm created with the PHP Site Assistant does not display the value lists properly (it works for the Manufacturer list, but the Model list is empty regardless of which Manufacturer I select).

3) Report sorting - My ResultList layout is sorted by Category and then Colour, which looks like the following:

Category 1

Colour 1
Colour 2

Category 2

etc. etc.

However, the result list created by the Site Assistant only allows sorting by one field. 

4) There is no 'form view' layout for each record, or even the printer-friendly list view.

Please advise on how to overcome the above problems in the publishing of my database.

Thanks in advance!