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Query FileMaker Data from Micorosft Visual Studio

Question asked by pecina08 on Apr 25, 2012
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Query FileMaker Data from Micorosft Visual Studio

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We recently upgraded our Server from 10 Advanced to 11 Advanced.  (Well aware that 12 is out but License agreement expired early Jan).  Anyways, we developed an in house application within Visual Studios that does some cool drill down reporting on our FileMaker Data.  Well the application was usiing the datasquel ODBC driver which does not work on 11 you have to use FileMaker ODBC driver.  Which I have installed on my system and makes a successful connection to our FileMaker 11 Server Advanced.  When I try Select * From [Table] it states Error Mesage: ERROR [42000][FileMaker][FileMaker]FQL0001/(1:185): There is an error in the syntax of the query.  I even try one column: SELECT packetID FROM BillingPackets and i get the same error.  I have to use an ALIAS just to get the rows to show.  So when I do a SELECT 'packetID' AS Expr1 FROM BillingPackets I get the number of records/rows but each cell has the TEXT "packetID" and not the acutal data.  I know that the query works because it gives the right record count as to what the table has in FileMaker Pro.  Anyone have any idea as to what I am doing incorrect?