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    Question about dictionaries



      Question about dictionaries

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      What is the dictionary size restriction for Filemaker?
      How can we add words into this in bulk?
      We host our DB on the server with domain users as user base. Is the dictionary for each user or global or each client (computer) or all? and how to accomplish setting up a dictionary at each level on the server.

      We use FileMaker Server 13 and clients with FM13

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          Also is there a way to default to a certain dictionary when a DB is hosted on the server, i.e., is there a way to set the dictionary preferences at the server level. I seem to be able to choose a default dictionary (that is not US English) for files located on my personal machine (I think this is because the file on my personal machine asks me to use my admin account when trying to open it and so I think it has greater privileges and so I am able to set the default to the dictionary I want), but when I try to do this on the files hosted on the server, it seems to revert back to US English when I close FM 13 (even when I use my admin account). I am a novice and I am not finding any help on this. Tried calling the support and they suggested that I post on the forums.

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            Sravani Paladugu: 


            Thank you for the post. 


            "What is the dictionary size restriction for Filemaker?"


            As with "File size: Limited only by disk space, to a maximum of 8 TB (terabytes) on a hard disk and OS API capability."


            See the full Technical Specifications in the following knowledge base article:


            Technical specifications of FileMaker Pro 13 and FileMaker Pro 13 Advanced


            "How can we add words into this in bulk?" "Is the dictionary for each user or global or each client (computer) or all?"


            The dictionary files are local to the FileMaker Pro installation and unless you already have the dictionary, then probably no easy to way to add in bulk; however, the following script step and help articles might be of assistance:


            Edit User Dictionary


            Creating and selecting spelling dictionaries


            Preserving user dictionary information (KB)


            Preserving user dictionary information


            Checking spelling



            FileMaker, Inc.

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              I have the same question, but the correct answer doesn't seem to agree with what I am experiencing

              I am using FileMaker Pro 14 Advanced, on a MacBookPro, 500Gb drive, 16Gb ram

              I created a user dictionary

              I have been adding words until today it stopped adding,

                  tried to add word through the check spell - then learn - which clicked but didn't do anything

                  tried to manually edit the dictionary but the add button was greyed out

                  tried to physically insert the word into the dictionary (text edit file) -

                                     but upon opening the dictionary in FileMaker - the word is removed.

              If I delete one word, it allows me to add one word back  just like

                               Dictionary size limit?

                 interesting that my word limit was also 2882


              I tried moving the actual file but the same limit applies whether in default location or user selected location



              So although user dictionary is supposed to be unlimited, it appears to have a limit to the number of words it will hold,


              Does anyone know if there is a place to edit the number of words the user dictionary will accept


              and if this is not editable  then why is FileMaker limiting the user dictionary word capacity