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Question about Server 13.0v2 Update and installing new certificate

Question asked by cjcj01 on May 6, 2014
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Question about Server 13.0v2 Update and installing new certificate

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     I have a question about the new update to Server 13.0v2...

     - Why does the default SSL certificate need replacing in 1.1 of the instructions? Or better said...

     - Filemaker provides a default FMI certificate with v13.0.  Why is the internal FMI certificate not updated with this release and why do we need to go get a third party one?

     My problem with this is that:

     I already have a certificate for a client's domain which is functioning fine for the website on IIS (Windows 2012 Server) It cost something like $50 for 4 years.  I recognise from this link that FMGo only has a limited number of certificates installed... but apart from the internal FMI one, these all cost $150 per year minimum from the links provided on top of FMServer in order to get a secure connection to FMGo.

     As far as I understand the link, my existing certificate for the domain won't work as an import to FM as it isn't supported, as despite it being from Comodo, it isn't the right one (i.e. it is cheaper)...

     But everything was working fine (apart from the heartbleed exploit) on FM13.... so why doesn't FM release FM13.0v2 with an update FMI certificate?