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Question on FM 12/13 server hardware priorities.

Question asked by MYoung on May 28, 2014
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Question on FM 12/13 server hardware priorities.

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     We're deploying a new server for a medium sized company. Currently it's running at pretty close to the acceptable limit on a Mac Mini server, 2.3Ghz i7 quad core, 16GB RAM and a 500mb SSD. We have roughly 40 users over 5 sites running fairly constant access through the day, almost none via web though.

     What I'm looking for is more specific hardware suggestions than the generic blurb in the documentation. Specifically, I'm looking to prioritize hardware components for when the inevitable requests for cuts come. Which of the following would be considered most important for performance? 

     RAID Array, 4 disk vs 8

     64GB RAM vs 32 GB

     3.5Ghz 4 Core vs 3.0 GHZ 6 Core

     Our developer is recommending we go with OSX vs a Windows solution, what's the communities view on stability and integration compared between the two?

     My recommended solution so far is the new Mac Pro server (6 core 3.0/ 64GB)  with a 4 disk raid 10 thunderbolt raid array as the boot drive and an external 3tb for backups, but we're also trying to generate a Windows server alternative quote. How should I prioritize the PC hardware dollars, between disks/cores/RAM? I have a feeling they're going to want a "minimum spec" machine quote, and I still want it to be useful.

     Also, has anyone run SSD in RAID, and if so is it a notable difference with FM versus a single SSD?

     Finally, is there any practical difference between running on Windows 8 vs Server 2012?