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    question on FM server 5.5 behavior



      question on FM server 5.5 behavior

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      Good day everyone, I've got a question about FM Server 5.5..

      Ive got 2 systems on a server that contains about 100 files which all point to a specific IP adrress: .73


      Im in the process of moving them to a new server and i can not keep my current IP address.

      So right now i got a DNS name that points to new server.


      I want to use that DNS inside the opener files i use to open both system. Up to here that works fine.

      when i open the open file i endup on the splash screen of the right system. BUT, when i start moving around that system, will it open up files on the old server because those files still have old IP address still mapped to them?


      Right i think thats whats guna happen, but how could i reolve this?

      Do i need to mannually change all the IP addresses to use DNS name instead or if the other server shutsdown, then the files will point inward on new server and say: Hey!!! I cant access them now, but i have same files right here, ima guna use them instead?


      Please ask away if this is not totally clear, i tried explaining this as much as i could :)


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          This is a major headache to do in filemaker 5 as it doesn't provide direct access to external data source references like you can with current versions of filemaker.


          I'd disconnect your old server, open the files with a full access password. Each time your files attempt to access the original server, you'll get a message popping up telling you that filemaker can't find the file. Each time, you can use open remote to find the copy of the file on the new server to open and connect. That should fix the connection for that one instance where it needs to be updated.


          The really tedious aspect of this, is that you will need to exhaustively test your system and fix each such broken reference one at a time and there's no real way to know when you've finally tracked down and fixed all the broken references.


          Older versions of filemaker such as filemaker 5 did a really poor job of managing external file references. Converting an older file of this type to filemaker 11 and and then using Manage | External Data sources... typically reveals an amazingly awful tangle of file references.

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            Perfect thank you for the quick response, looks like i have some initial work to do here but i just needed to know how the server would react.


            Thank you for putting me on the right path :)