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question on FM server 5.5 behavior

Question asked by patpai on Jun 9, 2010
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question on FM server 5.5 behavior

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Good day everyone, I've got a question about FM Server 5.5..

Ive got 2 systems on a server that contains about 100 files which all point to a specific IP adrress: .73


Im in the process of moving them to a new server and i can not keep my current IP address.

So right now i got a DNS name that points to new server.


I want to use that DNS inside the opener files i use to open both system. Up to here that works fine.

when i open the open file i endup on the splash screen of the right system. BUT, when i start moving around that system, will it open up files on the old server because those files still have old IP address still mapped to them?


Right i think thats whats guna happen, but how could i reolve this?

Do i need to mannually change all the IP addresses to use DNS name instead or if the other server shutsdown, then the files will point inward on new server and say: Hey!!! I cant access them now, but i have same files right here, ima guna use them instead?


Please ask away if this is not totally clear, i tried explaining this as much as i could :)