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Question asked by Mohawk24 on Dec 15, 2009



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Hi All ive been playing with trial version to see if this product is really what i need are some questions that i need to figure out..


I have been able to create a database with multiple tables (Dept.s) and lots of fields in each table...they are relational based on "member ID" field.I have been able to upload and create a site using php assistant...


1. how can i have it so that when a person logs in they only see and are taken to the table (Dept.) they have access too.??(right now it takes them to default layout that is chosen with assistant. I have permissions setout in the database to only allow access to certain tables but its like the assistant overrides this.?


2. How can i change the website theme layout so that it resembles the actual database layout that i created with filemaker??


Any help would be greatly appreciated.