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Quick and easy access to a database for multiple users

Question asked by AlanCooper on Jun 29, 2012
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Quick and easy access to a database for multiple users

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 So I'm sure this is burried somewhere deep within either the forums or the help files, but I don't have time at work to dig through and uncover the answer. I'm setting up Filemaker for my company, we're using it to track work orders as they go through all the various stages of production, so we need to have the database opened on multiple computers at once. Now I know if you open Filemaker you can open a file that's already in use via the "Open Remote" method however here's the catch, almost all the technicians for my company are older (55+) gentlemen who speak english (poorly) as a second language. Our general rule is to compensate for the language/age barrier by making things as simple as possible. My question is this: is there a way to have them simply click on an icon on their desktop (or networked folder) and open up the filemaker database remotely, without having them select anything on a menu like picking the host and what not. Keep in mind I know how to open remotely and not much else so please use small words!