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    Raid 5 vs Raid 10



      Raid 5 vs Raid 10

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           I am getting ready to purchase a new server and was reviewing the General Hardware Considerations on the FileMaker website.  I am trying to decide between RAID 5 and RAID 10 and found some (I think) conflicting information.

           "When it comes to RAID, there are various “RAID levels” to consider. FileMaker, Inc. recommends RAID 5 or RAID 1+0 for use with your FileMaker solutions and FileMaker Server. "


           "FileMaker WebDirect Considerations

      FileMaker, Inc. recommends using a multiple disk RAID 10 system when using FileMaker WebDirect."

           Is this saying use RAID 5 unless you're using web direct, then use RAID 10?

           I will be using web direct and everything will be hosted on 1 server.  Any suggestions...5 or 10?  My web direct use will be minimal.




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               This has so many variables it is a tough question to answer.

               I believe the basic Filemaker recommendation is to advise some sort of hardware data redundancy no matter what it is. For WebDirect I believe the recommendation is for performance. Also, Filemaker sometimes has random documentation that needs correction.

               I would guess 10 is recommended for WebDirect because of the faster read/write speed balance. In most cases I might have I would use 10 over 5. Disk space goes to 50% but storage space is pretty cheap these days. If your WebDirect use is minimal you may want to consider a RAID without thought of how it affects WebDirect.

               I have a solution with minimal WebDirect use running on RAID 1 without issues.