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    Real-time replication across WAN?



      Real-time replication across WAN?

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      Just wanted to know how to deploy real-time (or as near as possible) replication between two Filemaker (9) Servers over a WAN?  Latency when accessing the current single server via WAN from the second site is much too high and renders FMP clients at the remote site virtually unusable, so must set up a second server, but REQUIRE real-time replication between the two locations so all clients have access to the low latency of a LAN system with the latest data entered by either site.


      This is NOT for a backup/archive solution but for a live FMP database that will be served by two remote FM server installations.


      Ideally a scripted solution or built-in solution, but also a reasonably priced third-party solution would be fine. Would prefer not to use terminal services due to the significant added expense. 




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          Thanks Dirk.


            I contacted the company but unfortunately, they are even more expensive than putting in a terminal server!!


            Hopefully someone knows of a scripting or other, cheaper, solution? We are a very small business but have two offices.


            So I assume from the lack of response from any Filemaker employees to this thread, that this isn't supported in Filemaker directly?  Why on earth not??? Surely replication functionality, even if only available to FMP Server users, would make Filemaker much more competitive when compared to more powerful (but more difficult) database solutions like MYSQL or Oracle?


          MYSQL is way harder to build in from an mom 'n pop end-user point-of-view, but FREE and way more powerful simply because of this one feature that should really be standard in ANY database solution!!


          Can someone from Filemaker please reply and let us know when replication is likely to be built into a future version of Filemaker?  Thanks! 

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            Hi mitsukai,

            Thanks for posting! 

            I agree that replication would be a fairly valuable feature (and it seems to be a popular idea).  However, it is our policy not to comment or speculate on any future releases or release possibilities.  




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              Can anyone point me towards a real-time solution for replication between two FileMaker Server 5.5 machines over the internet?  The client version is FileMaker 6.

              I realize these versions are from the middle ages, but my client is constrained to them for the time-being.

              Any thoughts are appreciated.