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    Record Count on Server



      Record Count on Server

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      On our FileMaker Server there are 12 solutions. Is there a way to click on each name and get the number of records in each solution? I know one is quite big; 272,000 records.

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          Mike -

          Thank you for your message.

          There is no way to get this information from the FileMaker Server Admin Console (which I am assuming you are wanting to do.)

          You'd have to create a "13th" solution that ran a script to open up the other 12 solutions and get the "RecordCount" from each of them and store them in the "13th" solution for viewing.

          With that said, this is a good suggestion for future versions of FileMaker Server and specifically the FileMaker Server Admin Console.

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            Thanks. I just created a temp layout that accessed each table and counted the records. I then added them up manually.