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Records go from normal to phantom/corrupt (question marks) while client watched

Question asked by MaryPierce on Jul 14, 2013
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Records go from normal to phantom/corrupt (question marks) while client watched

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     I have a client that has a huge database. It contained about 150 phantom records where all fields were populated by question marks (?). I recognized this as an indexing issue and performed a recovery on the database. Doing so eliminated all of the "phantom" records. Or so I thought.

     On July 5th while the client was changing contact info in an existing record, the data in the fields changed to question marks as he sat watching. He knew what record it was so he did a find by the item number and it returned one record with every field filled with question marks.

     The client then created a new record and reentered the data. Now when you do find 2 records are returned, one filled with question marks and the non-corrupt of non-phantom record.

     On the same day the same client had another employee working on entering data. He was working on a record and left his desk for a little while. When he came back all the fields in the record he was working on had turned to question marks.

     These records are returned when doing  a find, but they cannot be edited nor can they be deleted. They have become corrupt. In these two cases the records were reentered from scratch.

     When I first started working with this client fixing the existing phantom records was top on my to do list. It was fixed by doing a restore on the entire database.

     Now existing records are becoming corrupt or zombiefied for no apparent reason. Not sure where to go from here.