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records not modifiable on server

Question asked by zinny on Apr 8, 2015
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records not modifiable on server

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Hi guys,

I have just installed my first paid filemaker project and have hit my first problem. I have a small project developed in FM12.0v5. It is hosted on a mac mini running FM server 13.

The solution will run and I can connect remotely from my home across town using open remote/network file path. The navigation tools work fine but when I go to create a new record I get the modal window 'this action cannot be performed because this file is not modifiable'

If I attempt to modify a security account I get the same message. I am on a full access privilage set and have access via filemaker network ticked for all access levels.

Using team viewer to access the server remotely I can see that the sharing and permissions are read & write for FMserver and fmsadmin but everyone is read only. do I have to change all the permissions of the folders that the files are in? have I missed a switch on the admin console?

I have only used peer to peer systems before so this is all new to me, help