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Recovered file not being found by related dbs

Question asked by Tearose on Dec 18, 2008
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Recovered file not being found by related dbs

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We're using FMS5 with about a dozen related databases. One of them (Intake, which has names and file IDs) became corrupted last month. We recovered it, removed the corrupted file and renamed the recovered file Intake. It needs to be open for many of the other databases to work. But even if it is open, the other databases aren't finding it. We get a message the Intake is needed and not found, then the searchbox, where we can click on Intake, and things proceed normally. Then we get to a point in another db where we want to print, and it doesn't tell us that Intake needs to be opened, but it prints <file missing> where the name should be if we don't open it. Can anyone tell me where I need to look to reset something so it knows that the Intake that's already open is what it is looking for?