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Referenced files in IWP via Filemaker Server Advanced

Question asked by Jk2232 on Jan 12, 2011


Referenced files in IWP via Filemaker Server Advanced

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I am trying to publish images to the web using instant web publishing with Filemaker Server Advanced, but the references aren't showing up for some reason once the database is published online.  Apache is the web server, so I stored the image files inside a folder in Library/WebServer/Documents. After storing the files there, I specified the files to reference in Filemaker and then uploaded the database to Filemaker Server Advanced.

I read the support page for this topic ( but it doesn't specifically mention Instant Web Publishing using Filemaker Server Advanced.  I saw the note about configuring the web server to support MIME types, but I don't know how to go about doing this, or if this is even the root of the problem.

Any possible solutions?

Thanks so much,