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Related Drop Down list in FM 9

Question asked by RockaBama on Apr 7, 2009
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Related Drop Down list in FM 9

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I have a client with 7 hosted databases (FM Server 9 advanced and FM Pro 9 client) in which I have created a related drop down list that displays values from File 2 based on a matching ID in File 1 and File 2.  This works fine when tested in our environment (Windows).  However, in their environment (which I do not have direct access to explore) this feature does not work properly when the user adds values to File 2 in the hosted environment.  They did send me screen shots which shows that they have the files in a subfolder inside the Databases folder.  Could this be the issue?  Or, could it be possible that they are mapping the files in such a way that is not allowing changes to File 2 to be updated to the related drop down list in File 1?


I am fairly new to FM 7 to FM 10 and do not have access directly to their file structure.  Any insight or additional questions I can ask them to resolve the issue would be greatly appreciated.