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Remote open problem - files not showing

Question asked by collarways on Apr 9, 2009
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Remote open problem - files not showing

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We run FMS10 on a Mac, inhouse 3 Macs and 1 Windows XP machine connect successfully. Remotely we 1 Vista machine and one Mac, both worked fine. The Vista machine ran FM10 trial version for 4 weeks connecting to the open files via remote open without problems. Yesterday I upgraded to the licensed version and since then in remote open, when clicking on the server IP address, the open files do not shop up. 


The correct ports are open on the server. Connection is via VPN to get through the firewall of the router in front of the server. Like I say, it works on all machines, except for the one with the newly installed FM10 


Unfortunately, Windows is not my 'home territory' and the sales person using the laptop knows even less about her computer. FM10 was installed using the full install (no custom exceptions), but I wonder whether there is maybe a setting I forgot.


I'm at the point where I feel that maybe we just need to re-install FM10 on that client.  

Any ideas or suggestions much appreciated.