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Removing plug-ins from Server 10

Question asked by Bosan on May 24, 2010


Removing plug-ins from Server 10

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Ok, I when this first came up I thought it was trivial and I could take care of it but I’m now concerned. I have been trying several suppliers plug-ing for various things and that part works. Now I want to remove them.


I shut off all FMServer services. Went to the to plugin locations and removed the plugins. Removed the log files or log file folders. Then restarted the FMServer services.


What I expected to see in the Admin Console’s “Configuration/Database Server” screen under the “Server Plug-Ins” tab would be only the Plugins that I had left.


What I see is all the plugins that have ever been loaded are still listed. The “enabled” box is unmarked and they cannot be checked because the plugins can’t be loaded (proving they aren’t there).


Since they can’t run this is probably not a problem but is seems that the plugins that have been removed should not be listed. I have even rebooted the server but no change.


Is there a way to clean up this plugin listing?