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    Repeat schedules every nth minute



      Repeat schedules every nth minute

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           I am trying to make a schedule repeat every 15 minutes. I cannot seem to find what end time to enter to make this work. I am trying this on both Server 12 and 13. I can get the script to repeat daily, but for some reason I am missing what end time to enter when I really want this to repeat is every so many minutes, 24 hours per day for about two weeks. 

           I know I am missing something simple, but cannot seem to find the answer. 


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               You just need to make the 'Frequency' daily AND change radio button in the 'Select how often during the day you want the schedule to run'  to 'Run every' and change 'Hours' to 'minutes' as in the image.  (Slightly different topic- I needed to run a schedule every other week- since Filemaker or cron won't do it, I have it run every week but with an 'If' statement- basically- if field 'ran last week' is 'yes' change to 'no' and halt script, otherwise continue script and change field to 'yes'.)