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Reporting and Record limits problem

Question asked by KenH on Apr 27, 2010


Reporting and Record limits problem

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I have a Single table application published using IWP. We recently upgraded from Filemaker 6 to:

Filemaker Pro 9
FilemakerAdvanced Server 10
Windows 2003 Server


I'm running into the 25/50 records limitation for a report that has 643 records. All end-user interaction in the new version is through the web.  In the previous version, administrative users would log onto the server, run Filemaker 6, generate their report in Preview Mode (which displays all rows), and print it. 


We hoped to improve on that method with the new version.  Preview Mode and Print are not web compatible, and there's the 25/50 record limitation.  Paging is not a reasonable option for so many records.   


Is there any way to generate this report through the web interface with Filemaker ?


I've been working with databases and similar product for longer than I'd like to admit, and have been working with Filemaker for about 3 months, so far.