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Rookie Needs help with a new database

Question asked by JimmyRayBob on Feb 7, 2009
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Rookie Needs help with a new database

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Hi –

I need help building a database for FileMaker Pro and FileMaker Server

Summary: I need help getting data off remote computers, onto a server and then into a new database.

Here is what I have.
Lotus Approach on remote computers. Can export the data in just about any format.
FileMaker Pro Advanced 9.0
FileMaker Server 9.0 on a dedicated server, with a static IP address.
Windows Server 2003

We currently have one database running on this server, but would like to add a second, completely different database. This is the one I need help with.

I need to collect information from 15 or so remote sites around the country, on a daily basis. I would like a database to gather the info so I can create the reports I need. I don’t need help creating the reports.

The information that will be collected remotely are daily sales figures – and are entered into a simple Lotus Approach database. Lotus Approach can export the data in just about any format. The remote sites do NOT have FileMaker, and for cost considerations, will not have FileMaker. The information collected daily will be approximately 250 items per site, primarily numeric but some text fields. All remote locations will be using the same underlying table. Field one is location, field two is the date, and the rest are the daily sales figures and other information.

Unfortunately the remote locations do not have constant connections to the internet – most are on dial-up. I would like to have my managers connect to the internet once per day and transmit data to the server. I don’t know anything about FTP servers, but I wonder if that might be an option. Or e-mail?

1. Have managers actively export data to the server somehow.
2. Server saves the information on the server
3. FileMaker “finds” the data on the server and imports it into the new database automatically

I would then like a FileMaker database that can go out and “import” the data automatically. I can worry about creating reports later … I just need help getting the information off the remote computers, onto the server and then into the new database.

I don’t know if each remote site should have its own data table or if everything can go in one table (I’m a real rookie at databases).

Our server right now is only 1.5 years old, and is hardly used at all. We have plenty of hard drive space and the server is not worked hard at all.