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    Run scheduled scripts



      Run scheduled scripts

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      I'mthinkingoftouseascriptthathastoruneveryday. Myfirstthougtwastomakeadatabasestartscript. Butwearenotatofficeeverday.

      IsitpossibletoletFilemakerServerAdvancedrunscheduledscriptsonit'sown? Oristhereanothersollution?




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          Depends what you are trying to do with the script. Starting with FMS9 and enhanced in FMS10, you can run these server-side scripts, however some steps are not supported. So again, it depends on what you are trying to do wtih it.


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            Oke that's good news. I never heard before of server-side scripts. The script has to check on a date field and if the date field is older than today it must make a new record and fill the fields. 

            Can you tell me where I can define these side-server scripts?



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              You create the script in FMPro ( I still dont know what version you are using, but you can make sure to check the web compatability in 9 in your script maker or there is a new server compatible checkbox in FM10 ).


              Then in your Server admin console, under Schedules, create a new schedule --> Run a script.

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                   Sorry we are running 10. Oke I didn't know that's the way to do it. I've searched the help from a to z but did not see it. Thank you!
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                  Good luck getting this to work. Server side scripts are unfortunately limited in their capabilities. Even when the script editor tells you that the script step is server compatible, it may not work as you expect.


                  Import Records and Export Records, for example are two script steps that are extremely limited in what they can do as part of a server side script.

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                       Good to know. I'll build the script step by step and i'll see what does or doesn't work. Thanks
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                      The knowledge base has good info.


                      I've also found it useful to add a global text field to my DB and then have the scheduled script add text to this field a key points during the script's execution. I use that to trace back where a problem took place.


                      Also be aware that any script set to run when the file is opened or closed will also perform when your scheduled script executes.


                      You can put


                      If [Get(UserName) = "Your Schedule's Name"]

                        Exit Script[]

                      End If


                      at the beginning of such scripts to keep them from executing during your scheduled script run.

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                           Thank you very much that's useful info! great!