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Run VB script (Macro) with shedule script of FM server

Question asked by jb_1 on Nov 16, 2012


Run VB script (Macro) with shedule script of FM server

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     Hello forum;

     I work with FM 11 and FM pro advanced server. My abjectif is to export word file,after running a macro script from excel file. I explain the steps:

     1 / with FM server I can export excel files from web browser and send them by mail to users;I use a schedule script running with filemaker server for this task.

     2 / User open the excel file received, Run the Excel Macro (macro is saved in an excel file by default (PERSO.XLS) can be used in every excel document in the user's PC).

     3 / USING this macro, using MS Word bookmarks, we will have Word files whose data is copied from Excel files sended from the server.

     >>>>>> I need to have a script in FileMaker Server which includes all these steps, and instead receive an email from FM server containing Word files and NOT Excel files. Please, a track or a solution for this huge work.