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running a PHP script via Filemaker Server 13

Question asked by robyne on Apr 27, 2014


running a PHP script via Filemaker Server 13

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     Here is what  I am trying to do:  We want to send out "transactional" emails through our Email provider (Bronto).  This means sending data from FM to Bronto.  We've had someone create a php script that connect to the Bronto API.  What I am not clear about is how to run said script from Filemaker Server.  I do not know PHP so I am not sure of the process here.  Simply creating a script schedule to run the script does not work (FM says the script cannot be found?)  The person who designed the script says that the whole thing is triggered from a single script based on command-line parameters  - which inclines me to think I need to add a set up parameters in the schedule assistant?

     Here to learn!  thanks for any input.