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    running FMS on the cloud?



      running FMS on the cloud?

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      Hi there.


      I'm a relative newbie to FM and very newbie at web administration. So I'm sorry for my base level questions.

      My company has moved onto a cloud system for mail, calendar, etc. but we have kept our inhouse server (Mac OS X Server v 10.5.8 w/ all necessary hardware) as file storage and to run FM Server (yes yes, i know FM likes a dedicated machine, but that's not an option at this small company). We have FM Pro on the office computers, and I've had no trouble at all getting it set up for all the office computers to access the database through FM Server. I haven't yet got it web hosting, but that's not my question here, just background.


      Our IT guy (who is really the accountant, he just happens to have been put in charge of upkeep on the comptuers) asked if FM could be moved onto the cloud once we change services. He's looking at moving to Microsoft Office 365. Can FM be hosted by any cloud service? Is this something I could impliment myself if the database files were stored in the cloud? Would users still be able to connect remotely and have full functionality or would it be limited to what's capable through web hosting?

      Again, sorry for the rudimentary questions. I've looked through previous posts here and elsewhere and have not found what I need.

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               My company provides Professional FileMaker Hosting, on both shared and dedicated servers. If interested, contact me privately.

               - John May

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            PointInSpace is well known as a host but I feel a bit more informatin is needed,

            'Cloud' has become a 'jargon' word that is easily missunderstood. It covers a wide range of services but not a service such as Filemaker hosting which requires a dedicated computer to run Filemaker Server or Filemaker Pro to serve the database(s).

            On the other hand a hosting service can be seen to provide a 'cloud' service but these began decades before the 'cloud' became popular.

            Putting your database on a remote computer is cloudlike and it can save money at the same time as you can share the cost of a computer and server software with others or you can use a dedicated computer and transfer your license to that computer. Then the upkeep of the computer is 'their' responsibility. The cost of the service is most likely all tax deductable which might interest your accountant but I am not sure about that.

            If you aren't using account names and passwords you will need to add them or your database will be open to anyone.

            One disadvantage of the cloud is that service interuptions can cut you off from your server. This is not a big issue but in Florida after a hurricane the internet might be missing for a week or two whereas your company might have a generator and full power in house. Here of course you would maintain a download of your backups.

            A hosted Filemaker Server 'in the cloud' can be reached from anywhere with an internet connection and typically these hosts offer IWP connectivity. The shared hosts have limits on the number of files, connections for Filemaker and connections for IWP so verify that this works. The limits depend upon the price.

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              I very much agree with Jack's information here.

              "The cloud" is really just a very big catch phrase these days that includes many scenarios, a lot of which existed long before the "cloud" term.  Our hosting services would definitely fall under the all-encompassing "cloud" term.  For more details:




              - John