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    Running out of memory error message



      Running out of memory error message

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      I have FMSever 9 with CWP deployed on a dual 1GHz mac with 2GB of RAM. FMS is installed on this mac using OSX Server 10.4.11. 


      All has been well for several months, then suddenly I get 'running' out of memory (7) error any time I try to hit the database. 


      This happened a couple of time before and after much irritation I discovered rebuiling the computer from the ground up; new OS and new FMS deployment would correct the problem. This time, however, that method has failed also. 


      I am at my wits end. HELP! Anybody have any suggestions? 

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          Hi glucas,

          Thanks for posting.


          It might be beneficial if we verify a few things:

          -It looks like the system specs are right there for FileMaker Server.  Is the machine used for any other purposes (file server, DNS, etc.).

          -What is the 'running out of memory' error just happening when you open a database or are submitting queries? 

          -How many concurrent users would you estimate are accessing your CWP databases at a given time?


          I apologize I don't have an immediate resolution, but these questions will help me understand how your server machine is being used.



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