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Running Scripts from FMS - Error Issues

Question asked by GS on Mar 16, 2012
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Running Scripts from FMS - Error Issues

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The event log below shows 2 errors for "ReviewWaitList", 101 and 401 (actually there are 2 ea. 101 errors and a 401 error.  

I read in one of the posts here that the 101 (Go to Record/Request/Page) is not really considered a script error by those who know about this stuff and that it doesn't stop the execution of the script (I'll attach the script to another post here since we seem to be limited to one attachment).  Is that really true?

The 401 error is occurring when the find produces no records.  I'm wondering if that also alows the rest of the script to run?  

The script runs fine from the client!  It produces a "FileMaker script error" when it is run from a Server Schedule.

I'm having a little trouble confirming some of the results since running a client form my remote location doesn't produce the same results as running the scripts from a client on their network.  I'm working on that with their IT people.  There are other scheduled script that do run properly on this machine.

It is FMS 11v3 on a virtual server (Windows 2003 R2 Enterprise).  The Windows Server software was recently fully updated.