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    Same database twice on Server



      Same database twice on Server

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      We like to share a database - solution with several files (63) more than one time on the same filemaker server.

      Folder A with 63 files

      Folder B with 63 files (all the same name of files as in A)

      Is this possible today with FileMaker Server 13? Or is there any other solution to share the same database - solution more than one time from one FileMaker Server Applikation to clients?

      Thank you for your help.

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          What you suggest can be made to work as long as you are very careful than none of your external data source references "cross connect". As long as they are all relative path references, this should work.

          But separating the data into two complete copies of your files results in database support complications for you that might be avoided if you used one set of files with all the data in it, but with a record level access control set up in Manage | Security combined with scripting and interface design features that keep the data from one set of users separate from the others.

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            Markus Schneider

            -> You can not upload identical files (filename) on one FM Server