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    Saving pdf set to an external NAS drive



      Saving pdf set to an external NAS drive

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      I am trying to set a script to save a uniquely named pdf to our external NAS drive. This has to be a generic path which can be accessed by any user connected to the NAS drive.

      I saw a previous post with this script:

      Set Variable [ $Path ; Value:  "file:" & Get ( DesktopPath ) & YourTable::FileNameField & ".PDF"]
      Save Records as PDF [Restore; no dialog ; "$Path" ; //specify the other options you need for your script here]

      I have adapted this and created the unique file name but I dont' seem to be able to make the Save Records as PDF path work.  Please can I check what script I should prefix the path to the file on the NAS drive with in order to make it generic?

      I saw from a previous forum post that $Path is to create and open a folder on mac OSX.  I need every user (on macs and pcs) to be able to save to a specific folder within the NAS drive.  The folder is pre-existing.