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    Schedule FM Script to Save Records as PDF



      Schedule FM Script to Save Records as PDF

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      Hi Folks,

      Need a help here. I want to schedule to run a FM Script to save A/R list as pdf daily.

      What I did is: I create the script which is running ok from my client computer. I can see the A/R list saved into the server folder.

      But when I schedule the script to run in the server, I got message that the script is aborted. and I found out  "save as pdf " is not compatible with server scheduling. !

      It would be cool that I can save the A/R list as pdf daily.

      Can anyone offer some idea for some other options?

      ( My environment: Windows platform, FM Server 11, FM Pro Adv 11.)







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          We use a robot file when we want to schedule a script that isn't fully server schedule compatible or which would require jumping through a lot of extra hoops we don't care to take on...

          Define a filemaker file with nothing but the needed password settings and a two line script:

          Perform Script [// specify the script in your hosted file that will do the save as PDF task]
          Exit Application // or Close File if you want to leave filemaker open

          Use file options to set the file to open the file with a password that has sufficient privileges to run the script (can be a very limited password if the script in the hosted file is set to run with full access permissions.) and also to run the above one line script.

          Use Windows Task Scheduler to "run" the above filemaker file at the desired time.

          Note that if the script being performed get's trapped in an infinite loop, the only way I know to terminate the looping script is to close and reopen the file via the server admin application.

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            Hi Phil

            I was doing exactly like your idea to use Windows Task Scheduler. I keep the machine that runs this schedule script on, and it can save the A/R report as a PDF at the end of each month. It took me a while to firgue out the last day for February for leap year.