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Schedule script error

Question asked by PeterDurant on Aug 23, 2014


Schedule script error

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     I have a database with about 27,000 records hosted on Server 13.  One of the scripts that I have recalculates a score for each record, the script takes about 4 hours to run if I run it from my computer.  Meaning I can't use it for anything else.  I typically run the script before I go to bed but sometimes the server connection is severed and then I don't know where the script left off.  

     So I have tried to run it as a scheduled script on the server.  I checked to make sure that all the script steps are compatible with Server, and they are.  I do not have a time limit on the script, but I get an error after 10 minutes of the script running.

     Is there anyway I can determine what the problem is?  Or does anyone have any ideas?