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    Scheduled Backup stopped working



      Scheduled Backup stopped working

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      I am new to the forums here, but have come across a problem that is rather troubling, and was hoping that someone may have the answer I am looking for. I work for a small business where we use Filemaker Server 8.0, and about roughly 15 filemaker clients (most of which are 8 or 8.5).  We have been doing scheduled backups using the Schedules feature in Filemaker Server Admin for the past 8 months or so, but have discovered recently that the backup job suddenly stopped working (the last successful one was 8/21/2008).  I have been backing the database up manually now, but would really love to be able to automate the process again through the server admin, and am wondering if this is a known issue with (hopefully!) a solution.  Thank you very much in advance for any help.

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             I just realized that I left out some critical details:  What is happening is that when the backup job runs, it shows "Disabled" instead of running again, and gives no indication that it in fact finished.  Thanks again!
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            Jens Teich
               Have a look at the fm server logfile and see if you find any information about the cause for the disabled schedule.

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              Thank you very much for the quick reply.  I was unaware that there was a logfile for fm server, and I think this has set me down the right path now.  Just to be certain I'm looking in the right place here... I went into Event Viewer, and then into the entry for Filemaker Server 8. Is that correct?


              In this log, it looks like the problem is :

              Schedule "Backup" aborted; the destination "filewin:/E:/Filemaker 8 Server/Data/Backups/" is not writable.


              However, when I look at the file permissions for that folder, nothing has changed (Administrator, as well as a backup user have full control.  The only user account used on the server is Administrator, with the backup user being a domain user.)  Any thoughts on what could be causing this?  Many Thanks.



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                Alright -

                I went ahead and added permissions for 'Administrators' instead of just Administrator, and the backups are now working again.  Despite thinking that nothing changed, I'm just going to need to assume the permissions got changed somehow at some point.  So now my real questions becomes...


                What user does Filemaker Server need permissions added for to do backups properly, since I don't see any sense in allowing all administrators if there's only one user that needs permission.  Thanks again!