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Scheduled Import of CSV

Question asked by DavidDaniel on Nov 30, 2011
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Scheduled Import of CSV

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I am running Filemaker Server 11 on a MAC.
I have setup a basic script to import data from a CSV file which works fine directly in the local database.

Import Records [No dialog;"filename.csv"; Update matching; Mac Roman]

I had to add a Show ALL Records to remove the intial error i got on the server.

I have selected to run without dialogue and checked it is compatable with the server.
I have tried to run this script via the Scheduler on the Server, and the script seems to run ok. It reports as being run, but no data has imported.
It is being run with full admin priviliges.
I have checked file permissions and located the file in different locations such as the Filemaker Server Documents folder, desktop, user Documents folder etc.

Any help gratefully appreciated.