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Scheduled Script - Export from FM to Oracle

Question asked by nemampojma on Oct 28, 2009
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Scheduled Script - Export from FM to Oracle

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I'm trying to execute a Script on FileMaker Server using scheduled ScriptMaker task - that import all records from FileMaker table to Oracle table. In Error.log I have found remark that this step is unsupported... Searching through web I have found that FMS 9 is not supporting Import/Export script steps.

This script is working normally from FileMaker (first, deleting all records in Oracle and after it - import all records from FileMaker). But I want to automate this to work in late hours.

Is there any other way to make it? I'm thinking about two ideas:
1. SQL commands - insert into... but I don't know what is proper syntax, or with
2. loop that will add new records in Oracle, then write some unique identifier (Unique_ID) in every row and after it just pull data through relationship (FileMaker:Unique_ID - Oracle:Unique_ID).

Is there any Plug-in that can be self-triggered in FM database (but on FMS) just for exporting?

Please, help me...