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Scheduling system-level scripts and email

Question asked by TorSolli-Nowlan on Sep 27, 2010
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Scheduling system-level scripts and email

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I'm currently running an export script manually from a FMA 10 client, and then running an external script on that data to do parsing and email reports to specific people as needed. I'd like to turn this into a single, scheduled script with Script Sequence in FMSA 10 on MS Windows Server 2008.

I have VBscript that sends a plain test email on the server. When run directly on the server, it sends the email correctly. When run as scheduled system-level script, I get an email saying the script ran successfully but there is no email from the script.

Is there a document somewhere detailing how FMSA runs external scripts, what permission level they run at, etc? Does anyone have suggestions as to how to do this without scheduling the export in filemaker and the parsing / email in the OS?