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    Script Error



      Script Error

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      I get the following script error:


      FileMaker Server  reported the following event:

      2009-09-09 13:51:48.119 -0500 Information 644 KPSERVER1 Schedule "Email For CARs that are Due" completed; last scripting error (103).


      The script evaluated parameters and then sends emails to people that need to complete things, and I can run it just fine if I set it to run from my email cliet but if I set it to run from the SMTP server it kicks out that error?

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          Thank you for your post, and I apologize for the late reply.


          Since this runs properly from your local email client, there may be a problem sending out through the SMTP server.  Try running it locally again, but switch it to the SMTP server.  This may provide a clue.  If this works, then access to the SMTP server from the server may be the problem.  With most servers, there are some firewall issues or port timing issues, so perhaps setting a Pause/Resume (1 second) script step after each email is sent may help alleviate this problem.


          If you have already solved this issue, let us know so other forum users may benefit from your solution.



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