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    Searching a field with U.S.D.A or USDA



      Searching a field with U.S.D.A or USDA

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      We are using FileMaker Server 10 and have a old database with U.S.D.A. in a field.  Most users doing a search will type USDA, which will not get a hit. 

      Is there a way to get a hit using U.S.D.A.?

      Is there a way to do a single search and get a hit using U.S.D.A and USDA?

      Or will we have to change the text in the field to just USDA?

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          Using Replace Field Contents to update the field to have consistent contents across the entire table wouldn't be a bad idea. Using a value list for input is also a good way to prevent inconsistent data entry in the first place.


          used as find criteria will find both USDA and U.S.D.A, but may also find other records with data such as United States Department of Aviation

          Using your data as it currently exists, your best bet would be a find request with two requests:

          Enter find mode

          put USDA in the field

          Select new request from the requests menu

          enter U.S.D.A and perform the find.

          A third alternative would be to perform the find with criteria entered into a calculaton field where punctuation and spaces are filtered out. That's a "special case" solution best used from a scripted find, but it would work.