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Security account sign on issues

Question asked by juliafanghella on Jan 30, 2013
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Security account sign on issues

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     I have set up a 4-tier sign on for our 10-license server. When the accounts were first set up, all server locations worked on all accounts. Now, one location automatically signs on, does not ask for a username or password, and has no ability to search or sort (which it should, according to the permissions).

     We tried upgrading the older version (11.0v1 to 11.0v4), but it was not recognized. Also, strange that the older version is the only one that allows the search and sort. We tried adding new accounts (with the same and similar permissions), but still no dice. Is this a common error? Is it possible that another location (where the server is hosted) has messed with some type of security to which we are not granted access?

     Any and all feedback is very much appreciated!