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Security issues FileMaker 7 Server/ FM Pro

Question asked by txgeekgirl on Sep 25, 2009
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Security issues FileMaker 7 Server/ FM Pro

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I have inherited the maintenance of a DB kept on an instance of FM7 Server accessible through terminal services by FM Pro on another server.


The Issue:


Last week we installed our blade server where the moving of our big rack did a hard shut down of all servers.  The FM stuff did not come back on the way it should have on reboot. I finally found the Admin panel and restarted the instance.


On login, our EU logs in to TS to access the server, then FM wants a password. I have had them try 4 times and let it fail. Go to File/Open Remote choose the pathway to the server and choose OpenTask where it asks for the DB password.  They can get it.


I need to know where in FM Server or Pro the access point is for the area where they have to let it fail four times and then Open Remote.  It use to go automatically.  I am guessing off the TS login to that server.


Any help or direction is greatly appreciated. 


Also, I would love to know how to disect the structure of this DB as I would love to recreate in SQL