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Security options for FM Server to FM Go clients

Question asked by BrettWhistler on Mar 1, 2014
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Security options for FM Server to FM Go clients

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     I apologize for what is a NOOB question.

     I've set up my FMP Server on a Mac Mini.  I only have a single database.  I've set up my port forwarding and static IP so I can access it remotely with FM Go.  Everything is working as expected.

     I've set up myself as the sole user on the account...with a full access privilege set.  When I log into FM Go (let's say for the first time), I enter my servers IP address, which then gives me my list of available databases.  I click on the database I want to access, and I'm then prompted for my credentials.

     My question this best practice?  If not...suggestions please.

     My idea of a best use scenario would be:

     1. Enter my server IP address in FM Go
     2. Be prompted for credentials to access server
     3. These credentials are stored in FM I don't have to enter them again.
     4. Have access to the databases on that server without having to enter additonal credentials.
     Is this 'best use' possible?  Or even plausible?