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    Security Problem with User Accounts



      Security Problem with User Accounts

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      In my Database, I set up two specific user accounts (one is for me) with their security levels before uploading to Filemaker Server. Now that it's on the server, when I log into my account, I've lost certain priviledges that I had before putting on the server. Should I have set up these accounts after uploading to the server, instead of before? Why did I lose this information? How can I fix this? I've included a photo of what I'm referring to. Thanks.







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          Simply uploading the file to the server shouldn't make all the "manage" menu options inaccessible.

          Did you see a password dialog for entering your password when you accessed the file on the server?

          Were the accounts set up strictly from options in Manage | Security or are you trying to set up server based security?

          Any chance that a script starts up when you open the file and that it's trapped in a loop or paused at the time you accessed the file menu?