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Self Contained or normal database for IWP on FileMaker Server

Question asked by manders on Apr 7, 2010


Self Contained or normal database for IWP on FileMaker Server

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Hi all,


I am very much a novice with filemaker and have been tasked with taking over a half complete project so would be very grateful of some help to get me up to speed on a number of issues.


I have a database that was designed on filemaker pro 9, I have filemaker server 11 hosting and have a version of The database hosted successfully after adjusting all The security on my local copy of filemaker server 11.


I am confused about The formats of The two different versions of The same database. One is a 3GB fm7 file (self contained). The other database version is a 800kb FM7 file with The PDF content in separate folders.


I am struggling to understand If it is possible to upload The fm7 file and The other content separately on filemaker server via The admin console. This would be preferable to me over uploading The bigger self contained file for two reasons.


1. The total size of The fm7 file and PDF content is only 1.9GB (yet it bloats up to 3gb in The self contained .FM7 file)

2. If additions to The database need to be made, I guessing this will be easier with The database file and content uploaded separately., though my knowledge is limited so I don't really understand If this would be necessary to upload The whole new 3gb database every time you needed to make a change.


Sorry for The long winded request, I am rather confused about my options and The functionality of filemaker server at The moment!


Many thanks,