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    Selling the templates



      Selling the templates

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      I believe FileMaker Pro has the capabilities of allowing me to build a software program for my business. However, if I build the templates using FileMaker Pro can I sell my customized templates to another business that would have a similar need?

      I understand that they would have to have a valid license for their copy of FileMaker Pro. I'm just referring to selling the work I would have to put into the customization and calculations for my business system to make this work and could I sell those templates once I'm done.  

      I hope my question makes sense


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          That is done by many and you can even find such templates offered for sale through filemaker's web site.


          In addition, if you can put together a solution that works within the limitations of a filemaker runtime solution, your customers may not even need a copy of filemaker if you use filemaker advanced to create and sell a runtime solution.